WGBK Radiothon

The first WGBK Radiothon was held in 1993 when the radio students decided that they wanted to give back to the Northbrook Community. As a class they developed the concept of sponsors for every hour and with $1.00 song requests that would fill the playlists for the one night event. The students decided that they would like to raise money for pediatric cancer research and from 1993 until 2005 the broadcasters worked with the Mitchell Ross Children’s Cancer Foundation. In 2006 the students transitioned their donations to benefit  the Emily Dorfman Foundation.  In 2016 a new chapter in the history of the Radiothon began with donations supporting The Cure It On The Court Foundation.  


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Jack Ferber and Jacob Kats



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Jacob Berlinger, Noah Lofman and Alex Gould



Colby Kenny, Ryan Cohn, Casey Kilberg and Michael Nelken



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Sydney Burdick, Gianni Kulle, Tony Pinelli and Jacob Kats


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